Bloodborne Hunters Arsenal: Saw Cleaver and Blunderbuss


Product Code: GCO020

Manufacturer: Gecco

"Hunter’s Arsenal” is 1/6 scale weapons collection wielded by the player character, HUNTER, in the mega hit action RPG for PlayStation4, “Bloodborne,” enthusing game freaks around the world. One of the left hand weapons that can be acquired at the beginning of the game "Hunter Blunderbuss" and the transformable trick weapon "Saw Cleaver" are bundled. The beautiful design of the weapons are faithfully recreated with the texture of wood, iron and well-used cloth. These weapons were originally included in "Hunter Statue," which was released in 2015, and now are separately available as a weapon set. They can be displayed on the optional accessory, “Collection Board.” Size: 1/6 scale (Saw Cleaver 265 mm after transformed/ 148 mm before transformed, Hunter Blunderbuss 173 mm)

Weight :

500 gram


Package Dimensions :

6cm x 20cm x 20cm   (LxWxH )