Court of the Dead: Mortighull Risen Reaper General Statue

€188.70 Deposit
€629.00 Launch Price

Product Code: SS300394

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

Launch Date: 30 Nov 2018

Deposit Required: A deposit of €188.70 is required when pre-ordering this item

"I am torn between the Underworld's stalwart purpose and a desire to destroy. May the morrow come when I am freed from this sadistic paradox. Until then, I am the risen Reaper General Mortighull, a soldier of cruel purpose." - Mortighull Sideshow is proud to present Mortighull: The Risen Reaper General Premium Format Figure, a terrifying new addition to our original Court of the Dead collection… The Reaper General Mortighull walks the knife’s edge of a warrior who must bring about peace through destruction. Standing over 26.5" tall, the Risen Reaper General is an imposing and impressive figure, wielding the legendary sword Cryptmourne. His ornate armor is delicately painted to look beautifully aged and weathered, with the green patina of an ancient relic. He has fabric elements to his costume, and his skeletal portrait is scarred with the remembrance of many well-fought battles. “From the bottom of the base to the tip of his sword: The level of detail is insane,” said project manager Jesse Lincoln. “This figure has been in development for a long time, so I have been working on him for years… and I am still noticing new elements in his armor."

Weight :

6350 gram


Package Dimensions :

31cm x 56cm x 68cm   (LxWxH )

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