Darksiders: War 1:6 Scale Statue

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Product Code: PPDAWARST

Manufacturer: First4Figures

Launch Date: Q4 - 2021

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First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their very first Darksiders collectible, a 1:6th scale resin statue of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and protagonist of the first Darksiders game.

In Darksiders, War had to bring the demon Samael the four Hearts of the Chosen in return for Samael's assistance in helping him reach the Black Throne. The statue is inspired by War's battle with one of said Chosen, the boss of the Ashlands, The Stygian. War is holding its heart in one hand, and his powerful sword, Chaoseater, in the other.

Mixed media was used for the design of this statue to further enhance its overall presence. The chain on the base, which is symbolic of the chains being used to restrain The Stygian prior to the boss battle, is made of real metal, and the fabric portions of War's outfit and the flag on the base is made of proper cloth material.

Darksiders - War (Standard Edition) comes with the following:
- Darksiders - War resin painted statue.
- Highly detailed base inspired by the Darksiders art style.
- Chain made of real metal. Flag and fabric on War's outfit made of real cloth.
- Authentication Card


15000 gram

Package Dimensions:

63cm x 40cm x 76cm   (LxWxH )